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By now we all agree, don’t we, that a content strategy is key? It’s key to search, key to owning your message, key to lead generation, key to your overall communications strategy. We think Vince Vaughn would agree. But do we all know that every content strategy should start with an audit?

A content audit is an excellent way to identify what you need from your content strategy. Before you can plan what you need, you need to know what you have. And, you need to know how well your existing content is performing for you. A content audit will tell you which pieces of content are driving leads, how your existing content is moving your audience through your website, and ultimately through your sales cycle, and whether or not you have the right mix of content for your various business objectives and target markets.

Here are the four basic steps to conducting a content audit.

1. Determine what you will classify as a piece of content. Potential sources include blog posts, contributed articles, case studies, white papers, videos, presentations.

2. Catalog your existing content. Make sure to track if you have the rights to the content, what format the content is in (text, video, infographic, audio recording), when it was created.

3. Assess the effectiveness of each piece of content based on Google analytics, downloads, or social shares. Determine what, it any, next steps you need to take. Does the content need to be fixed, updated or deleted?

4. Determine if you have the right mix of content by type, format, audience, and if you are sharing it with the right frequency, and in the appropriate voice. Be sure to compare your content to your competitors.

Once your audit is complete, your ready to plan your content strategy.

For more information on how to get your audit started, ask us. We think Vince Vaughn would want you to.