If you invest money, you’ve probably heard you should diversify your portfolio. Diversification helps you reduce risk, avoid expensive mistakes, maximize returns, and best meet your investment goals. Your marketing portfolio is no different.

The best marketing and communications strategies are diversified. After all, aren’t you making an investment in PR, marketing, and lead generation? Don’t you want to protect those investments? Here’s how.

  1.  Slice up your content by channel. In today’s multichannel, multitasking world, people get different types of news from different mediums. They might read world news on Circa, turn to Twitter for conversation, Facebook for celebrity gossip, the newspaper for local news, and NPR for think pieces. It’s not enough to tell one story, one time. For maximum impact, tell you story multiple ways in order to appeal to many different people across multiple channels.
  2. Remember that everyone consumes media differently, so plan accordingly. Yes, people still read (I think) but visual mediums are the fastest growing forms of communication. Citizen journalists are taking eyewitness reports straight to YouTube. Fashion designers are forgoing the tents in Paris and at Bryant Park for Vine and Instagram. Researchers are taking their reports straight to infographics. In order to maximize your marketing investment, you need to produce content in multiple formats and amplify it across both owned and earned channels.
  3. Audit your efforts. Take inventory of your current marketing and communication programs. Which audiences are you reaching? Where are you spending and how are you reaching your buyers? Where are the gaps? Now fill them in.

When it comes to marketing, just like with money, you never want all your eggs in one basket.

photo credit: 401(K) 2013 via photopin cc