newspapersA few months ago we blogged about how startups should choose a PR firm and we talked about the abundance of advice entrepreneurs often hear from other entrepreneurs. We wrote, “For every story of the startup turned overnight success following a Mashable mention, there is a horror story about the startup that burned cash on PR and saw no uplift.” We cautioned founders to put the advice they receive from other founders and funders through a filter and make sure to start a PR program for the right reasons

Well we found a VC and former founder who passes the filter. Mark Suster, a General Partner at Upfront Ventures, recently blogged about, “The Silent Benefits of PR.” It’s worth a read.

Suster starts out by stating, “PR is an insanely valuable activity in early-stage companies.” But he points out that, “PR is often not tangibly measurable and for quant-oriented people this is hard to accept.”

Read the post here and learn how PR can support:

  • Recruiting
  • Business Development
  • Fund Raising: “No self respecting VC would admit (even to themselves) that they are influenced by what they read about you in the press. But human psychology can’t be ignored – we are all influenced by what we read.”
  • Staff Morale: “…employees love seeing their company get positive press.”
  • Enterprise Sales and Future PR: Suster understands that prospective clients and journalists considering featuring your startup are going to Google you. And the stronger the mentions, the better you show. At Double Forte we call that “Google juice.”
  • M&A

And for more on the benefits of a solid PR program, contact us. We could go on all day.

photo credit: Locator via photopin cc