We’ve been doing some research on when and how often to post to social sites. Our recommendations on how frequently to post are based on many different articles on the topic, our own tests, and some old-fashioned common sense.

When to post is a trickier topic. While many claim to have the answers, the solution really depends on who you’re trying to reach. Want to reach a busy, working mother? You’ll probably find her online before work and after the kids go to bed. Looking to reach millennials? Middle of the day is a good time. Want to reach professionals on the West Coast? Then post during lunch if you’re on the East Coast.

The best approach to social is to test your theories and then match your strategy to your target audience. But for some general guidelines we recommend:

Post to Facebook approximately 7 times per week. Share a mix of content about you and your company, if you’re posting on behalf of a brand, as well as useful articles and links to resources that will benefit your customers. And share deals and discounts when appropriate. One of the main reasons people follow brands online is to receive special offers.

Post to Twitter liberally, between 5 and 10 times per day, but do space your tweets. Again, remember to use a mix of personal and professional. People like to do business with other people, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

Post to LinkedIn less frequently than to other sites. Consider sharing a useful article, video or resources once per day. And take advantage of LinkedIn’s new publishing tool at least once per week by posting your opinion on an important business issue.

There are no definitive rules when it comes to sharing via social media. But there are guidelines: be human, authentic, consistent, relevant and useful. Keep your brand and your customers front of mind and have fun.