Winemakers are becoming more conscious about giving-back to the earth, which makes it possible for wine lovers to pick and sip more green wine than ever. However, staying up-to-date on sustainable farming techniques and understanding the various eco-friendly methods can be an overwhelming task. In the spirit of Earth Day, we have demystified these techniques to help you find the right eco-friendly wine.

Certified Sustainable:
Photo credit: _Lodi Wine_

Wines with a seal of sustainability follow strict standards designed to lead to measurable improvements in the environmental health of the ecosystem, society and wine quality.

Photo credit: _Certified California Organic Farmer_

Made with organic grapes, the grapes are grown in accordance with organic standards. However, a wine made with organic grapes is different from an organic wine. 100% Organic wine is made with only organic juice from organic grapes and is sulfite free.

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Part of what differentiates Biodynamics from organic winegrowing is its focus on holistic farming and maintaining balance on an entire property, fence to fence. The vineyard is viewed like a living organism and is treated accordingly. For example, biodynamic growers may incorporate the use of predators and ladybugs to control the pest population.

Gravity Flow:
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By harnessing gravity to move wine throughout the winemaking process from the crush pad, to the tanks, and finally the barrels, wineries reduce their carbon footprint and improve the wine quality.

Solar Energy:
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A winery can use solar panels as an eco-friendly method for running operations throughout the winemaking process and daily operations.

Cheers to Earth Day from The Barn Group!