Social Lift. It’s what you get when you combine the power of research, strategy, and content development to elevate your brand across all of the social outlets that are, or should be, important to you. And it’s something we provide daily to our clients. It’s also something we realize we don’t talk about enough. That’s because we view digital communications a lot like traditional communications – something that must be grounded in strategy, tied to business objectives, and executed with precision. It’s just what we do.

But a recent study reveals only 34 percent of businesses feel their social strategy is connected to business outcomes and a mere 28 percent of companies feel they have a holistic approach to social media. And that tells us, we need to talk more about how companies can create a strong, owned and earned digital footprint.

To begin, you go where people are talking, reading and viewing to listen and learn before building programs that are mutually beneficial for the online community and your bottom line. That’s what generates an authentic two-way communication between people and the brands they value. Through active social listening and measurement, you identify where conversations are happening online, who’s talking, who matters and what they’re saying and how people are connected.

Once you have that data, you can build an influencer map that tells you who’s talking about you, who’s not talking about you, who and what is driving the conversation, and how your share of voice compares to your competitors. That’s how you determine the platforms that matter.

Armed with information about where and how you’re showing up online, who’s talking about you and who isn’t, and how they feel about you and your brand, you can build a unique Digital Footprint.
– What’s the right path forward?
– Where do you go next?
– On which platforms will you engage?
– What will engagement look like?
– Will you comment, respond, invite debate?
– What’s the right pace and POV for you?
– How do you build a presence that’s big enough to get you noticed, but not so big you’re a target?

That’s what we do. And we want to talk to you about it.