1. PRIORITIZED To-Do List: I use an adaptation of the Covey method to capture and then prioritize all the to-dos for my various responsibilities (Boss, Client Advisor, Mom, Wife, Board Member, Friend, Daughter, Sister, etc.) so I can see it all in one place. Other people I know have lists of lists. Whatever works for you, find it, use it, don’t ever let it go.
  2. A Water Bottle: Hydration is so very important to a good day, an active mind, a nourished body, productivity, focus and concentration. (Learn more at CamelBak – full disclosure CamelBak is a client.) Drink so that you’re going to the bathroom every 90 – 120 minutes – it will change your life!
  3. A VISIBLE calendar for the day. Have it up on your screen or print it out. But make sure you can see it easily. (Mine is always up on my 2nd screen.)
  4. Hand sanitizer for the flu season. Really.
  5. A Dopp Kit – in it – at the very least: a toothbrush & toothpaste, mints, a brush, nail polish remover (if you, unlike me don’t bite your fingernails and use polish) & deodorant.
  6. Paper or post-its + writing implement readily available. (I like to throw a couple of magic wands in with the pens and pencils, just for luck.)
  7. Something fun. Right now I’m favoring Yes and No buttons, that I push liberally throughout the day – to my own — and the people-around-me’s – amusement (well at least they laugh out loud – they may be indulging me, I’ll take it!) you can buy them on Amazon here. 

–       Lee