Leading people, I think, is an act of ego and humility. You need a strong enough ego to know that you can lead. And you need to be humble enough to know that you can only lead those who want to be led. Much like service: you can only serve those who want to be served.

People ask me all the time, aren’t you nervous about your business – what if your clients leave you?

It’s clear to me that the people at Double Forte could leave at any time, and without the people, we ain’t got nobody to serve the clients. And obviously without the clients, we aint’ got no money to pay the people.

But the people come first.

People who are dedicated and enthusiastic, who want to do good, cool work. People who thrive in a team and who don’t get wigged out under pressure. People who can laugh through the day, even when their parents and friends still don’t understand what they do all day.

My job is to make Double Forte the best place it can be so that these people want to be there. And if we do that, then we can keep delivering great service and great results to our clients.

I am humbled every time I walk into the office and see the people gathered there who are proud to be at Double Forte. That they choose to be there, and that they trust me to have their back and help them achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding for me.

And for that I am forever grateful.

 – Lee